1) The baby has just had his bottle of milk. He ... be hungry ! a) must b) can't 2) You have lived here for so many years. You .... know a lot of people ! a) must b) can't 3) I wonder who is at the door. It .... be Doris, she is still at work. a) can't b) must 4) He knows a lot about biology. He .... be fond of the subject. a) must b) can't 5) It has been raining for weeks. The tourists ... enjoy their time ! a) can't b) must 6) Your daughter has passed her driving test. She ... feel very pleased. a) can't b) must 7) There are pupils outside the school. They .... be waiting for the bus, as usual. a) can't b) must 8) The house is near the motorway. It ... be very noisy. a) must b) can't 9) Michael drives a Porsche. He ___ be very rich. a) must b) can't 10) – Laura isn’t at work today. – She ___ be ill. a) can't b) must

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