The idea that we can control our dreams through a technique called ‘lucid dreaming’ is usually the stuff of sci-fi films. During lucid dreaming, the sleeper knows they are dreaming and can control what happens - even deciding to have ____ (amazing) experiences like flying. Now, ____-____ (making you think) research has received ____-____ (received from many people) support from some ____ ____ scientists, who think it may not be as as it sounds.Lucid dreaming isn’t just about ____-____ experiences. It can be used to improve a variety of skills, from playing the piano to public speaking. It's been shown that people who dream about practising things, like playing the piano, do them better in ‘real life’ the next day. ____-____ (famous) athletes also use lucid dreaming to help them deliver ____-____ (the best) performances.You don't need to be highly trained to have lucid dreams, but ____-____ (notefforts won't work, so try the following steps regularly: ... 3. As soon as you wake up and are still ____-____, make notes about dreams while they are fresh in your memory. China is the most ____-____ (with a lot of people) country in the words. It's famous for having invented paper, gunpowder and compass. Unfortunately, ____-____ devices are not their strong suit.I've read a wonderful, ____-____ (good) book about China about the author's experience there. She seems a bit ____-____ as she forgets to explain things, but also ____-____ (happy and not very serious). In the illustrations, one can see ancient temples and ____-____ local food, ____-____ (not modern) clothes and plenty of other things.

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