1) We read magazines which ______________on computers, we buy things with the help of computers, we pay bills prepared by computers. a) have produced b) are produced c) are being produced 2) When she left school, she ______________ a job as a doctor's receptionist. a) were offered b) is offered c) was offered 3) The first heated swimming pool _______________ by Gaius Maecenas of Rome in the first century BC. a) had constructed b) constructed c) was constructed 4) A hoarse voice told Mr.Parker that his daughter _____________and that he had to pay a ransom of 2.000$. a) had been kidnapped b) had kidnapped c) kidnapped 5) Central heating _______________________in his house five years ago and now it's time to have it repaired a) was installed b) is installed c) were installed 6) However, later the lake _______________to swamp by the great ice movements which gouged out the hills of the area and filled in the valleys a) reduces b) was reduced c) is reducing 7) But boys with very long hair ______________to have left wing politics a) are thought b) was thought c) is thought 8) During the festivities, poor citizens asked for good and ____________cakes in return for their promise to pray for the family's dead relatives a) were give b) was gave c) were given 9) Today Halloween _______________in several countries around the globe a) celebrates b) is celebrated c) celebrated 10) The series _________________into 67 languages, including Russian a) translated b) has translated c) has been translated



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