self-confident - She feels very sure of herself., selfless - She never thinks about herself., bossy - She’s always telling other people what to do., admirable - She deserves respect and approval., co-operative - She’s good at working with other people., sociable - She enjoys being with other people., jealous - She wants what another person has. , moody - She becomes angry or happy easily., amazing - She always goes above my expectations., charming - She’s so pleasant and attractive, lazy - She doesn’t like working., compassionate - She shows sympathy and wish to help others., sensible - She has a lot of common sense., sensitive - She feels things deeply., shy - She finds it difficult to talk to new people., ambitious - She wants to do well in life., tireless - She works energetically and continuously., glamorous - She is attractive in an exciting and special way., supportive - She always gives help and encourages me in everything., strong - She is confident and not easily influenced by others.,




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