1) What's Kim wearing? a) She is behind the tree. b) She is wearing a blue mac. 2) Are you having lunch? a) Yes, please. b) Yes, I am. 3) What are the children doing? a) They are jumping up and down on the bed. b) They are tall and thin. 4) What's Ted eating? a) He's fine. b) He's eating an ice-cream. 5) What's Ron doing? a) He's swimming. b) He's 12. 6) Look! We are dancing! a) Bravo! b) Wellcome! 7) What is Anna doing? a) She is eating an apple? b) She's 14. 8) What's George doing? a) He's playing the piano. b) Yes, he is. 9) What is Tom drinking? a) He's eating. b) He's drinking a Coke. 10) Is he painting his face? a) Yes, he is a funny clown. b) It's afternoon!

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