1) The mouse is ... than the cat.  a) smaller b) smaler c) smallest 2) The puppy is ... than the rabbit.  a) biger b) bigger c) biggest 3) My cat is ... than my dog.  a) oldder b) older c)  oldest 4) Shrek 2 is ... than Shrek 1.  a) funnyer b) funniest c) funnier 5) Angela is the ... girl in the class.  a) tall b) tallest c) taller 6) Pandas are the ... animals. a) slower b) slow c) slowest 7) The cats are ... than the tigers. a) weakker b) weaker c) weakest 8) The bear is the ... animal in the forest. a) big b) bigger c) biggest 9) Giraffes are the ... animals. a) taller b) tallest c) tall 10) Kangaroos are the ... in Australia. a) fastest b) fast c) faster 11) Dolphins are the ... mammals. a) cleverest b) clever c) cleverer

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