Быстрее создавайте лучшие уроки
1) tiger and elephant (dangerous) 2) cat and hamster (clean) 3) spider and bird (dangerous) 4) python and snake (long) 5) dog and cat (good) 6) goldfish and dolphin ( intelligent) 7) parrot and iguana (beautiful) 8) silver and gold (expensive) 9) parrot and canary (noisy) 10) Loch Ness Monster and shark ( mythical) 11) dinosaur and dragon (dangerous) 12) ice-cream and soup (tasty) 13) coffee and water (strong) 14) father and son (young) 15) monkey and giraffe (small) 16) English and Arabic (difficult) 17) English and German (easy) 18) film and TV news (exciting) 19) cheetah and deer (fast) 20) hamster and dog (popular) 21) mount Kilimanjaro and mount Everest  (high) 22) the Mississippi river and the Nile river (long) 23) Neptun and Jupiter (big) 24) horse and cat (small) 25) Bob and Mary (happy) 26) Europe and Asia (large) 27) pen and ruler (long) 28) summer and winter (cold) 29) inside the house and outside the house (warm) 30) mathematics and painting (difficult)



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