Do you do any water - sports? What kind?, What do you do when you're waiting at an air - port for a flight?, How often do you make back - up copies of your work or documents?, When was your bed - time when you were five?, Do you have a coffee - break during the morning?, What happens when the fire - alarm sounds in your school or workplace?, Do you have a hand - bag and if so, what do you put in it?, What do (did) you think of the head - teacher at your secondary school?, Tell me about your home - town and people who live there., How many house  - plants do you have and where do you put them?, What is your favourite kind of ice - cream and how often do you eat it?, Do you think your life - style is healthy or unhealthy?, Do (did) you have a big play - ground at your school?, How good is road - safety in your country?, What kinds of sea - food do you like?, What time is the sun - rise at the moment? Do you ever get up at that time?,

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