You haven’t got enough money. Ask some from your friend. I am your friend., You are in a hotel. You are looking for Room 302. Ask for help. I am the cleaning woman., You meet a friend to go to a birthday party. Greet him and ask if they’ve brought a present. i am your friend., You asked your boss to give you Monday off work to go to a concert. You need to buy the tickets today. Ask him again. I am your boss., You are sitting at your desk at work. You need to use some scissors. You haven’t got any. Borrow some from your colleague. I am your colleague., You are in a supermarket. You need to buy some butter but you can’t find any. Ask the shop assistant for help. I am the shop assistant., You feel extremely hot. Ask your colleague if you could take off your jacket. I’m your colleague., You need to know the time but you haven’t got a watch. Ask for information. I’m a passer-by., You want to pay at the shop but you’ve only got a big note. Ask if it’s OK. I’m the shop assistant..



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