1.People say the hotel is very good. It’s ____ quite cheap. 2.____ the fact that they were busy, they ____ helped us. 3.It’s not the best dictionary you can buy. ____, it’s better than nothing. 4.She managed to get there, ____ she didn’t have a map like the others. 5.____ heavy rain, they’ve also had very strong winds. 6.She’s the youngest in the group, and she’s smarter than most of them ____. 7.I think you can do it. It won’t be easy, ____. 8.I was right at the back of the concert, ____ I could still hear everything. 9.At this conference, we have discussed major climate change issues. ____, we have come up with a proposal for the ministry. 10. As you can see my sister is blind. ____ it is highly advisable that I accompany her.

Linking words / addition and contrast

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