1) Would you like to learn more ____________________ your country’s history? a) of b) for c) about 2) Do you worry _________________ the future? a) for b) about c) at 3) Do you look _________________ things you lost or do you ask your mom where they are? a) for b) at c) about 4) Do you ask _________________ help when you have a problem? a) about b) for c) of 5) What do you and your friends talk ______________ when you meet at school on Monday mornings? a) about b) with c) to 6) Do your parents shout _______________ you when you don’t tidy your room? a) for b) with c) at 7) Do you believe __________________ ghosts? a) at b) in c) of 8) Do you and your family talk _______________ each other when you have dinner? a) to b) at c) for 9) Do you always smile __________________ your friends when you see them? a) on b) for c) at 10) What do you think ________________ when you should be doing your homework? a) in b) for c) about 11) Do you ever look _________________ other people’s answers when you’re doing a test? a) for b) at c) on 12) What do you worry ___________________ most: school work or relationships? a) for b) of c) about 13) Do you ever ask your teacher _________________ help when you don’t understand something? a) about b) for c) of 14) Do you believe _________________ magic? a) at b) about c) in 15) What do you like learning ____________________ when you’re at school? a) for b) about c) in 16) Do you talk ____________________ school when you’re with your friends at the weekend? a) about b) for c) in



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