What are you going to do after our lesson today? , What are you going to see at the weekend? , When are you going to do your homework? , Where will you travel in the future? , In your opinion, what will the weather be like next winter? , If I don't have breakfast tomorrow morning, ... , If I don't tidy my room, ... , ..., my family will be very happy. , ..., I will swim in the sea. , Where are you going to go on your next holiday? , What are you going to study next year? , In your opinion, what will schools be like in the year 2080? , In your opinion, which of your friends will have the most exciting job in the future? , Where will you be in the year 2040? , If my teacher is ill next week, ... , If I don't understand English grammar, ... , ..., I will be furious. , ..., my friends will be very surprised. , ..., it will be a disaster! .



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