You might find storms ____ or frightening. But can they be positive? If you live in Venezuela, your answer may be: yes! In 1595 a storm in Venezuela saved the country. How did that ____? Foreign ____ wanted to attack but they saw strange lightning. It looked pinkish-orange, so they didn’t know what it was. They felt ____. In the bright light of the storm, ____ on land spotted the ships.This took ____ over Lake Maracaibo on the Catatumbo River. It is an area famous ____ its special storms. Long ago, sailors used a storm in the same way as a ____, to help them find their ____. The geography of the high mountains by the lake ____ that storms didn’t move but stayed in the ____ place. Nowadays Lake Maracaibo holds a Guinness World Record as the place with the most lightning ____ per square kilometre.



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