PASSION Passion is the trait that really makes a difference when it comes to the quality of work. While a dispassionate or ____ employee will sooner or later show signs of lacking motivation and decreased productivity, employees who are passionate are ____. Eager and upbeat employees are always happy to learn new things and to ____ for greater success because they possess long term, ____ commitment to a specific domain and willingness to rise to new ____ in order to knowledge from this experience. STRONG WORK ETHIC An employee with a strong work ethic will be hard-working, ____, and determined to deliver their best work on time. When employees have ____ towards work, they require less management to get the job done, which makes it easier for managers to ____ tasks to the team. It is also advisable to share the company's ____. INDEPENDENCEEven in organizations that are heavily ____, members of the staff will still do some work on their own. An ____ employee has strong focus and well-developed time-management skills, is ____ and able to critique, edit and review their own work. CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS Thinking critically, which involves coming up with a logical solution to a problem that has presented itself, is done by reviewing different perspectives and possible ____. Employees with such critical thinking skill sets are able to identify possible ____, ask the right questions, identify business strengths and weaknesses for the ____. Creativity is a big contributor to finding effective solutions, so good thinkers often think ____. CONFIDENCEGreat outcomes come from people who have faith in their abilities and talents. A confident employee is more willing to ____ or go for challenges that an uncertain counterpart would shy from, and when interacting directly with customers, confident staff are likely to ____ a client and make them feel like continuing the business relationship with the company. TEAMWORK Successful collaboration requires excellent communication and ____ skills, patience, and tolerance. In addition to being strong problem-solvers, good team players are ____ to the success of their team, supportive and respectful of their coworkers. In organizations that rely heavily on teamwork, ____ is also important. A team member who can quickly ____ to different roles, including as leader and motivator, will usually have an easier time joining an existing team. HONESTY & INTERGRITYTelling the truth about tricky subjects, such as ____, work/life balance, difficult customers or colleagues, and ineffective procedures makes for a good employee. While some managers might find such employees tiresome, they should remember that when employees aren’t ____ they are most likely to take these internal frustrations and turn it into office gossip. ACCOUNTABILITY Dependable employees are valuable in the workplace because they can ____ of their work, actions, and results. They finish their tasks without much supervision, from daily responsibilities such as showing up to work-related events, being punctual and consistently ____, to long-term things like producing high-quality work and ____ when needed. Following instructions and ____ in a way that meets the employer's demands shows that the employee takes his responsibilities seriously and is capable of ____ additional responsibility.

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