I get along very well with people. - I have excellent interpersonal skills., Would you like to ask me anything about the job? - Do you have any questions about the position?, What salary do you expect? - What are your salary expectations?, I've enjoyed meeting you. - It's been a pleasure meeting you., I look forward to hearing from you soon. - I hope to hear from you soon., We'll get in touch with you next week. - We'll contact you next week., When does the job start? - When is the position available?, We give health and dental insurance. - We provide full medical and dental coverage., I'm able to use many computer programs. - I'm proficient in many computer programs., It's nice to meet you. - I'm pleased to meet you., Your resume tells that... - According to your resume..., I'm the manager of HR. - I'm the personnel director., We want someone who can manage two office clerks. - We're looking for someone to supervise two office clerks., I'm able to type 100 WPM. - I can type 100 WPM.,

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