1) What is weathering? a) erosion b) crushed rocks and rubble c) Process where rock is dissolved, worn away, or broken down into small pieces 2) The movement of sediment from one place to another is the process of a) erosion b) weathering c) water, wind, ice, and plants 3) What are the four main causes of weathering? a) water, sunlight, ice, and nutrients b) water, wind, ice, and plants c) humans, animals, waves, and water 4) The dropping of sediment by wind, water, ice, or gravity is known as a) erosion b) deposition c) melting 5) What happens to a rock that has rainwater entering its cracks and then freezing? a) it will split the rock b) it will melt the rock c) it makes the rock grow larger 6) What are sediments? a) water, wind, ice, and plants b) crushed ice, like snow c) crushed rocks and rubble 7) True or False: erosion always takes a very long time to happen. a) True b) False 8) When wind dies down or stops blowing ___ happens. a) deposition b) erosion c) sediments 9) What process involves the breaking of rocks over time due to wind? a) weathering b) deposition c) glaciers 10) What process is taking place when moving water is carrying away small pieces of rock? a) flooding b) erosion c) weathering

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