Do you trust the media?, Do you think the media have too much power?, Should the media show violence? Why or why not?, How can the media harm people?, How can the media be helpful to people?, Should media outlets be punished for false information?, Where do you usually get the news from? Why do you choose that medium?, How will people get their news in the future?, what applications do you use to read news?, How do you feel about the bunch of fake news posted and shared on social media?, Do you often read the newspaper?, Do you think that news channels control how people think and view the world?, What’s a podcast?, Do you prefer podcasts over radio shows?, Do you think that radio shows are slowly dying?, Does the media care more about truth or profits?, Do you trust the media?, Is it a good idea for a country’s media to be controlled by the government?, Do you think the media tries to manipulate people or change their views?, What images spring to mind when you hear the word ‘media’?, Do you think the media have too much power?, What are the good and bad things about the media in your country?, How is today’s media different from that of 30 years ago?, Can you think of any examples of the media being irresponsible?.



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