1) If the weather is nice, ... a) we will go on an excursion. b) we would go on an excursion. c) we would have gone on an excursion. 2) If you have done your homework, ... a) you can watch TV. b) you could have watched TV. c) you must watch TV. 3) If you have a headache, ... a) take an aspirin. b) takes an aspirin. c) you took an aspirin. 4) If I were you, ... a) I wouldn't spoken to him again. b) I won't speak to him again. c) I wouldn't speak to him again. 5) If he didn't eat so many sweets, ... a) he would have a problem with his teeth. b) he wouldn't have a problem with his teeth. c) he wouldn't had a problem with his teeth. 6) ..., she wouldn't have broken it. a) If she knew how to use the mixer b) If she had known how to use the mixer c) If she has known how to use the mixer 7) Unless you work more efficiently, ... a) you would be fired. b) you will not be fired. c) you will be fired. 8) ..., show him in. a) If he should come b) If he will come c) If he shall come 9) ..., I will be with you in a minute. a) If you will be more patient b) If you be more patient c) If you should be more patient 10) ..., I wouldn't tell him. a) Had I been you b) Were I you c) If were I you 11) ..., he will be very happy. a) If he win the race b) Had he win the race c) Should he win the race 12) ..., I would have called the police. a) Had I known the truth b) Had I knew the truth c) Had I know the truth 13) I wish we ... in Paris now. a) had been b) were c) was 14) I wish I ... swim. a) could b) can c) could have 15) I wish you ... me earlier. a) tell b) told c) had told 16) I wish he ... smoking. a) stop b) woud stop c) stops

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