1) Alice ... (like) the musical "Frozen". a) likked b) likd c) liked 2) Jim ... (visit) his grandmother yesterday. a) visited b) visitted c) visitd 3) Molly ... (cry) two hours ago. a) cryed b) cred c) cried 4) He ... (slip) on the wet floor. a) sliped b) slipped c) slipied 5) The Smith family ... (live) in a beautiful house in 1976. a) liveed b) lived c) livied 6) They ... (enjoy) travelling a lot five years ago. a) enjoyed b) enjoied c) enjoed 7) Bob, Matt, and Sophie ... (watch) football last Monday. a) watchd b) watched c) watches 8) I ... (play) hockey yesterday. a) plaied b) playd c) played 9) Her car ... (stop) a minute ago. a) stoped b) stoppd c) stopped 10) Molly ... (study) hard for her exams yesterday. a) studied b) studed c) studyed




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