1) ________ (He / eat) rice every day? a) Does he eat b) Do he eat c) Did he eat d) Is he eating 2) She __________ (to play) tennis now. a) plays b) is playing c) played 3) Martin ____ (to wash) his car every Friday. a) washes b) wash c) is washing d) washed 4) My mother _____ (to bake) biscuits yesterday. a) baked b) bakes c) bake d) is baking 5) Today we ______ (to be) going to go to the cinema . a) to be b) is c) are d) am 6) Carol _____ (to study) French at the moment. a) is studying b) studies c) studied  d) study 7) Michael ____ (to help) his father last Saturday. a) help b) helps c) is helping  d) helped  8) My cousin _____ (to live) in San Francisco. a) lives b) live c) lived d) is living  9) I ______ (not do) my homework last Friday. a) don't do b) doesn't do c) am not doing d) didn't do 10) Dad _____ (not to work) next Sunday. a) didn't work b) won't work c) don't work d) isn't working 11) Alice _____ (to cook) with her mum now. a) cooks b) cooked c) is cooking  d) cook 12) They ____ ( to clean) their house every morning. a) clean b) are cleaning c) cleaned d) cleans 13) Katherine ……. (to work) in the hospital. a) work b) works c) is working d) worked 14) ______ Marry______ ( to visit) her grandparents every Tuesday? a) Did Marry visit b) Does Marry visit c) Do Marry visit d) Is Marry visiting 15) ____ you ____ (to read) a book at this moment? a) Do you read b) Did you read c) Are you reading 16) _____ she______ (to visit) her friends on Saturdays? a) Does she visit b) Do she visit c) Is she visiting d) Did she visit 17) ____ you____ (to listen) to music tonight? a) Will you listen b) Did you listen c) Does you listen  d) Is you listen

Present Simple/Present Continuous/Past Simple/Future Simple/to be going to



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