a map - It’s kind of a picture where you can find countries, cities, seas and rivers., a school bag - It’s a thing you use to keep your things (books, exercise books, pens) in it when you go to school., a door - It’s an object you open to enter the room., a clock - It’s a thing that shows you what time it is., scissors - It’s a metal instrument to cut a piece of paper., a rubber - It’s a small thing that you use to take away the marks you make with a pencil., a dictionary - It’s a book that gives words from A to Z and says what each word means., a folder - It’s a plastic thing for having pieces of paper/ documents in it., a teacher - It’s a person who teaches you., a diary - It’s a book with days and dates where you write your plans, a bin - It’s a thing where you put rubbish (=things you don’t need) in_, a pencil sharpener - It’s a thing that you use to make your pencil sharp., glue - It’s a thing that you use to put two things (pieces of paper) together., a chair - It’s a thing for one person to sit on., a calculator - It’s a small electronic instrument that you use in Maths.,



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