location of the hotel? distance to the beach? facilities on site? popularity with young people? booking cancellations?, types of cakes on offer? prices? price reductions for big orders? advance order placement? payment by card?, directions to the library? membership card? availability of audio books? size of the reading hall? working hours?, location of the language school? nearest metro station? textbooks provided? number of students per group? tuition fees?, height of the rollercoaster? duration of the ride? age restrictions? cost per person? special offers?, number of exhibits in the museum? entrance fee? price reductions for student groups? photography allowed? souvenir shop on site?, size of the safari park? animals? safety measures? languages spoken by the guide? online booking?, courses available in the science club? suitability for children? experiments in class? well-equipped labs? starting date?, duration of the guided tour? sites included? qualified guides? necessity to book online? refunds in case of cancellation?.

ЕГЭ Speaking Part 2 - 9 question cards



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