1) Which one is a nickname for New York City? a) The Big Apple b) The Big Banana c) The Big Peach 2) Which place is NOT in New York? a) The Empire State Building b) The White House c) Times Square 3) The Statue of Liberty was made in France. a) True. b) False. 4) What colour are taxis in New York? a) yellow b) black c) red 5) Why is Manhattan called Manhattan? a) Because men went to buy hats there. b) Because the President thought the island looked like a hat. c) The Native Americans called it that before the Europeans came. 6) New Yorkers speak over 800 languages, more than anywhere else in the world! a) True. b) False. 7) How many people live in New York City? a) about 8 million people b) about 5 million people c) about 10 million people 8) Which one is NOT a borough in New York City? a) Times Square b) Queens c) Brooklyn d) the Bronx e) Staten Island



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