1) She's wearing a beautiful red __________. a) pants b) belt c) hat d) dress 2) It's hot. I'm going to put on my favourite ________. a) coat b) hat c) headband d) shoe laces 3) Look at my lovely __________. a) jacket b) shirt c) buttons d) socks 4) I can't find my white __________. a) dress b) T-shirt c) gloves d) coat 5) It's my best friend's birthday. I'm wearing nice clothes and a _______________. a) bow b) braces c) shirt d) trousers 6) All my friends dream about a beautiful _____________. a) dress b) skirt c) tutu d) scarf 7) My father is wearing his favourite ___________ today. a) trousers b) jacket c) braces d) hat 8) My brother is wearing a nice blue ____________ today. a) trousers b) shirt c) trousers d) skirt 9) Today is Friday. We can wear ___________ at school. a) T-shirt b) socks c) shoes d) jeans 10) My mum is looking at a lovely handbag in the shop. a) belt b) braces c) handbag d) jacket 11) The sun is too bright. I need to put on my _____________. a) hat b) handbag c) sunglasses d) jeans 12) My sister is wearing a pink ____________ in her hair. a) headband b) hat c) ribbon d) skirt

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