1) Can you remember when ________? a) starts the concert b) does the concert start c) the concert starts 2) The ________ you finish this job, the sooner you can leave. a) quick b) more quickly c) quicker 3) ________ you go for an interview yesterday? a) Do b) Did c) Does 4) Martin’s a waiter, ________ he? a) isn’t b) doesn’t c) is 5) ________ you supposed to be at work today? a) Isn't b) Aren't c) Don't 6) Which writer ________ the competition? a) did win b) was won c) won 7) You won’t forget to lock the door, ________ you? a) do b) will c) won't 8) I really ________ you get your dream job. a) do hope b) did hope c) can hope 9) Could you tell us what time ________? a) the library opens b) opens the library c) does the library open 10) A: I finished my homework in five minutes. B: ________ you really?! a) Did b) Do c) Have 11)  How long ________ this toothache? a) do you have b) have you been having c) have you had 12) My grandparents have a(n) ________ cottage in the country. a) old lovely little b) lovely little old c) little old lovely 13) How many miles ________ per week? a) have you been running b) you’re running c) you’ve been running 14) I think the government needs to do more to help ________. a) poor b) the poor c) the poverty  15) ________ joined my English class this week. a) A Taiwanese b) Taiwanese girl c) A Taiwanese girl 16) Oh no! There’s blood on that player’s shirt! He has ________ himself! a) cutted b) cut c) been cutting 17) Harry’s got a ________ sports car. a) blue new fantastic b) fantastic new blue c) new blue fantastic 18) How long ________ in this hospital? a) do you work b) you have been working c) have you been working 19) How many times ________ to the coast this year? a) have you been b) did you go c) have you been going 20) All ________ in my class were really friendly. a) the Mexicans b) the Mexican c) Mexicans

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