For most of us, war and conflict is not something we have experienced directly, yet they have become a major part of how we describe many aspects of our world. Perhaps unsurprisingly, in sport we talk about ____ and ____ A team may even ____ the goal, while their opponents refuse to ____ their lead. However, similar language is also found in health and medicine, where people talk about ____ cancer, and business, where a firm might ____ an ____ marketing ____. It’s used in court, where ____ ____ and lawyers try to ____ each other’s arguments, and in politics, where governments may try to ____ poverty by ____ their efforts on certain groups, and protesters (like soldiers) may ____ to defend rights that are ____. Most of the time, we are probably unaware of these metaphors, but some argue they have an impact on attitudes and the way we behave in areas such as relationships, medicine and politics – and that we should seek to express our ideas in more constructive ways.

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