1) They helped ___ to prepare for the exam. a) one another b) each other c) themselves 2) ___ can often tell where people are from the way they speak. a) One b) You c) I d) It 3) Can you put my case on the rack above ___? a) you b) yourself 4) Sally and her sister look incredibly like ____. Are they twins? a) each other b) one another c) themselves 5) Look. ____ a spelling mistake in this word. ___ should be j, not g. a) There, there b) There, it c) It, there d) It, it 6) Steve is a really private person - he rarely talks about ___. a) him b) himself 7) How many miles is ___ to Manchester from here? a) there b) it 8) Either Suzie or Mark has left ___ book behind. a) her b) his c) their 9) ___'s scorching today. ___ must be 35 degrees. a) It, it b) It, there c) There, it d) There, there 10) When a person goes to live abroad, it may take ___ a while to pick up the language. a) him b) them 11) ____'s no need to hurry. The train doesn't leave for ages. a) It b) There 12) ___ say that eating tomatoes can help protect the body against certain diseases. a) They b) One 13) _____'s not worth reading the paper today. ___'s absolutely nothing interesting in it. a) There, it b) It, there c) It, it d) There, there



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