1) There are 7(strawberry) in the bowl. a) strawberrys b) strawberryes c) strawberrves d) strawberries 2) I have got 3 (key) . a) keis b) keys c) keves d) key 3) There are many (box) in our basement. a) boxs b) boxies c) boxes d) boxis 4) My brother has got 3 (fish). a) fishes b) fishs c) fishis d) fish 5) There are 3 (boy) in our classroom. a) boys b) boies c) boy d) boyes 6) The baby has got 2 (tooth) a) tooths b) toothes c) teeth d) tith 7) She has got cute (dress) a) dress b) dresses c) dresss d) dressis 8) There are many (leaf) in our garden. a) leaves b) leafs c) leafes d) leafies 9) There are 2 (man) in the supermarket. a) mans b) mins c) men d) manis 10) I save the (photo) of my family. a) photo b) photoes c) photoies d) photos 11) My mom cooks yummy soup with (potato) a) potatoes b) potatos c) potatoies

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