I grow on trees. I am red or green. I am crunchy., I grow on trees. You have to peel me to eat me. I am often turned into juice. My name is also a colour., You have to peel me. I am soft and yellow., I have seeds on the outside. You can eat me in summer. I am soft and red., I am round. I have many different toppings. I usually have a tomato and cheese topping., I am cold. I am very cold. You eat me in a very hot day. I can be in many flavours: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, I am a hot drink. I am sweet. I taste good with marshmallows on the top. I am made with milk and chocolate, I am yellow. I am not sweet. You can find me in a cup of tea, I am green with black stripes outside. I am red with a lot of seeds inside., I am green, small and round. I have some sisters and brothers. We live together in a long house. , I am small and round. I can be yellow, green or purple. I live with my sisters and brothers. You can it me or make juice or wine. ,




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