If you were in prison, would you bribe a prison guard to smuggle anything into your cell?, Is being a judge a good job, do you think?, Is it OK for a woman to try emotional blackmail if she wants to stop her boyfriend leaving her?, If you were a highly-skilled hacker, what company would you hack and why?, In your view, is graffiti an act of vandalism or art?, Would you like to serve on the jury? Why? Why not?, If you were a witness to mugging, and the criminal saw you, would you tell the truth when the police questioned you were, or would you deny seeing anything?, What would you do if you were charged with the crime you didn't commit and arrested?, What are the roots of terrorism?, Do you think there are incorruptable people with whom bribery never works?, How might stalking affect the victim?, Have you ever had your fingerprints and DNA samples taken?, How is the way the police investigate the crime in movies different from real life investigation?, which verdict sounds less horrible to you - being sentenced to spend the rest of your life in prison (=life inprisonment) or receiving a death sentence?.



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