He shows his love to others and cares about them., I am 100% sure that I can leave gold and silver for him to look after., He is a team-player, he does what others ask to without complaining or arguing., He does something better than others., He is ready to do part of your job or give you advice or information., He never shows his feelings or thoughts., He is full of energy and shows that he is happy., He likes to organize everyhting and put things to their places in the room., He does not show or feel any worry, anger, or excitement., He has good manners. He is never rude., He stays calm when something takes a long time, or when someone Is not doing what he wants them to do., He is easily worried and offended., He is nervous and uncomfortable in a company., He knows all the details of what was said or done., He is kind if you are in trouble and he shows that he understands your feelings., He is always ready to work and can work a lot., He thinks he knows more than others., He is an expert in many things and does them well., It is difficult to upset him. Whatever you do, he is in Zen., He is sure about his abilities and ideas., He enjoys parties and invites many friends., When he says something we laugh., When he phones me I listen and can't say a word., He can find an unusual way out of any situation., He always has original ideas and unusual results. , He can think, understand and learn quickly., Other dwarfs act in the way he wants., He enjoys telling people what to do..

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