1) Barcelona ___ Chelsea 3-0. a) beat b) won 2) Arsenal ___ the match 6-3. a) beat b) won 3) The Chicago Bulls ___ 78-91 to the Boston Celtics. a) drew b) lost 4) Spain ___ with Brazil 2-2. a) drew b) lost 5) Professional sportspeople have to ___ every day. a) train b) get fit 6) Don't play tennis on a wet court. You might ___. a) throw b) get injured 7) A footballer has to try to ___ the ball into the goal. a) throw b) kick 8) I've started going to the gym because I want to ___. a) get fit b) get injured 9) Our new striker is going to ___ a lot of goals. a) do b) score 10) Would you like to ___ swimming this afternoon? a) do b) go 11) My brothers ___ yoga and tai-chi. a) do b) go 12) In basketball, players ___ the ball to each other. a) throw b) kick 13) It's important to ___ before you do any vigorous exercise. a) warm up b) work out 14) My daughter ___ every afternoon. a) warms up b) works out 15) The player got a red card and was ___ after commiting a foul. a) knocked out b) sent off 16) My team was ___ in the semi-finals. a) knocked out b) sent off



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