Exercise is good ____ you, but what exactly does it do to your body? Let’s find out! The ____ does more work than any other ____ in your body. It ____ about 100,000 times a day! When you ____, it beats faster because it has to send more ____ to your muscles. This makes your heart ____ and you get fitter – you don’t ____ tired quickly and you have ____. Your muscles get bigger and stronger. You can move, run and ____ heavy things more easily. What about the rest of your body? When you exercise, your heart sends more blood to your ____ too. You learn more quickly, you feel more ____ and happier, and you sleep ____.Exercise is ____ important for your ____. Young people have strong bones, but when you ____ older, your bones become ____. There are 206 bones in your body (52 are in your ____ and 54 in your hands), and you have to exercise to ____ them strong. REMEMBER: People who exercise don’t get ____ as often as people who don’t exercise. And you don’t have to go to a ____ to exercise. Just ____ active! Here’s what you should do:• Do a ____ – it’s fun! • Dance – with your friends or on your ____! • Ride your bike or ____ – sometimes it’s faster than the ____ or the bus!

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