1) she was _________ furious when she saw the mess a) absolutely b) very 2) I’m fed up ______ all this rain a) by b) with 3) I’m fed ____ with my job a) in b) up 4) he was furious ______ the damage to his car a) about b) with 5) I feel guilty ______ not inviting her a) of b) about 6) listening to music always puts me ____ a good mood a) in b) on 7) was ________ surprised by the film (I liked it, although I didn’t expect to like it) a) positively b) pleasantly 8) you must be pleased _____ your exam results a) about b) with 9) he’s a bit ______ that they didn’t invite him to the party a) upset b) pleased 10) All ___ a sudden the lights went out. a) in b) of




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