adjectives to describe people's hair, personal qualities, sentences in Present Continuous with ALWAYS, stative verbs, synonyms or partial synonyms, synonyms to the word BEAUTIFUL, sentences with QUESTION TAGS, types of water transport, types of accomodation, phrasal verbs connected with TRAVEL, true sentences with USED TO, types of homes/houses, extreme adjectives, adjectives to describe FOOD, cooking utensils, sentences about the future in PRESENT SIMPLE, sentences about the future in PRESENT CONTINUOUS, words with prefixes MIS-, DIS-, CO-, words with prefixes RE-, INTER-, OVER-, sentences in future perfect , sentences in future continuous, places to eat out, sentences with different modal verbs to give advice, nouns with suffixes -EE, -IST, -IAN, sentences in second conditional, sentences in zero conditional, useful phrases to give a presentation, everyday inventions, verbs to operate techology, sentences in passive voice, sentences using the CAUSATIVE (have something done).




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