Changing (or fitting) room - A place in a shop where you can try on clothes to see how they look, Till - A machine used in shops, restaurants for keeping money in, Trolley - A metal thing on wheels that is used for carrying things, Receipt - a piece of paper that shows prices for things, Basket - A container for holding or carrying things when you go shopping, Customer - A person that buys things from a shop or business, In the sales - When a shop or business sells its products at a lower price than usual, Checkout - The place where you pay for the things that you are buying in a supermarket, Shelves - A place where things are placed on in a shop, Shop assistant - A person whose job is to help customers in a shop, Shopping bag - A bag for carrying shopping, Account - You create this if you want to shop online, Item - The same as a thing, Proceed to checkout - When you're ready to pay you click on it, Delivery address - Something you need to give if you want an online shop to send your things, Next-day delivery - You usually pay extra for it if you want to get your things fast, Debit - There are credit and this kind of cards, Payment details - When you want to pay, you give it, for example your debit card number and expiry date, Auction - A public sale in which things are sold to the person who offers the most money for them, Website - ​A set of pages on the Internet, Can I try it on? - You ask this if you want to take clothes to a changing room, It doesn't fit me - You say this if you don't think an item of clothing is of the right size, I'm going to take it back - You say this if you want to return something you bought in a shop, Can I help you? - A shop assistant asks this if he/she wants to help you, What size are you? - A shop assistant asks this if he/she wants to know your size, It really suits you - A shop assistant says this if he/she thinks that an item of clothing looks good,




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