James found it difficult to ____ the situation at MMK, he couldn’t understand what was going ____ at all. Before ____, we ____ the pros and cons of moving to a new location with lower costs. I can’t give you a final decision until I've ____ all the information you sent me. Here in the south, we like to ____ our time to get to know people before we do business with them. Some people ____ an opinion of a company based on first impressions, so the attitude and behavior of ____ staff is very important. My six month ____ with ACI gave me an ____ into how business is conducted. Eric will be managing a multicultural team so he’ll need to ____ his intercultural skills. Sanjit’s ____ to the European office will work ____ ways, he'll learn about our culture and we'll get extra help with the project. For me, the hardest part of doing business in a different culture is managing ____, I don’t like ____ with unfamiliar situations. Petra kept an open mind while ____ the cause of the communication ____, she wanted to talk to everyone before she ____ to the CEO.

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