Hi Freya, It was great to hear from you, and I'm really pleased that you're planning to move here. You wanted some advice about different areas in the city, so here are my favourite three places. South Hollifield is probably the ____ charming part of the city. It's got some beautiful big houses and some really interesting shops and restaurants. But I know that you're looking for a flat and unfortunately there are ____ flats in this area. Upper Hollifield is in the north of the city. The houses here are much less ____ than in South Hollifield, and, of course, they're also much ____ . But I think that the area is getting ____ . There's ____ crime here than there used to be and the new school is very good. The third area to consider is Lower Greenside. This is a contemporary development and it's got some of the most unusual houses and flats ____ ! It's ____ from the centre of town, but the public transport system is excellent. Hope that's helpful! Lots of love Kay




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