1) Can I use your pen? I can’t find __________________________, it’s not in my pencil case. a) your b) mine c) my d) yours e) ours 2) Is this Timo’s book? – Yes, I think it’s __________________________. a) hers b) your c) ours d) his e) their 3) My laptop isn’t working. – No problem, we can use Jenny’s laptop. __________________________ is working fine! a) mine b) my c) ours d) yours e) hers f) her 4) Jenny and Sally, why are you using my phone? – Because we’ve forgotten __________________________ at home! a) your b) their c) theirs d) our e) yours f) ours 5) Jenny and Sally are so annoying. They always use my things because they forget __________________________ at home! a) yours b) they c) our d) theirs e) your f) their 6) I love your new shirt. My clothes are always so boring, and __________________________ always look so great a) mine b) my c) your d) theirs e) ours f) yours



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