1) Do you usually sleep with your bedroom completely dark, or with the curtains open? What temperature do you like the bedroom to be? 2) Have you ever worked at night? Did you have any problems sleeping the next day? Do you think you would be able to work at night and sleep during the day for a long period of time? 3) What advice would you give someone who is suffering from insomnia? 4) Are you a light sleeper, or do you usually sleep like a log? Do you use something to help you wake up in the morning? 5) Do you ever remember your dreams? Do you believe that dreams usually mean something? 6) Do you find it difficult to sleep when you're travelling, e.g. in buses or planes? What do you do if you can't get to sleep? 7) Have you ever flown long haul? Did you get jet lag? How long did it take to start feeling better? 8) Have you ever stayed up all night to revise for an exam? How well did you do in the exam? 9) Have you ever overslept and missed something important? What was it? 10) Have you ever fallen asleep at an embarrassing moment - during a class or in a meeting? 11) Do you ever have a nap during the day? How do you feel when you wake up?



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