Where do you work?, What’s your favourite day of the week? Why?, What kind of music do you like?, What do you like doing on holiday?, How many foreign languages can you speak?, What do you do?, What is your favourite city or town? Why?, When is your birthday?, What kind of films do you like?, What are you doing this weekend?, What do you usually do on Sunday mornings?, What time do you usually go to bed on weekdays?, Can you play any sports or musical instruments?, How often do you go out for lunch or dinner?, Who is your favourite singer? Describe him/her., How often do you go to the cinema?, What’s your favourite day? Why?, What are you going to do this evening?, What do you usually have for breakfast?, How often do you cook in your house?, Do you think you’re a good dancer?, How often do you see your friends?, Can you describe your best friend?, What's the weather like in your city?, What can you do in your city when it's hot?, Can you play a musical instrument?, What's your favorite time of the year?, How often do you go to concerts?, Can you play a musical instrument?, What is you favorite film?.

English File Elementary - Speaking


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