The teacher tells the students off - for not doing their homework., My grandmother brought me up - because my mother and father went to work in another country., I usually ask my neighbours - to look after my plants when I go on holiday., I really look up to my brother - because he’s so intelligent., My family don’t get on very well and so - we’re always arguing., I’m going to carry on - studying English for the next few years., I grew up - in the countryside., I take after my mother physically, - we’re both tall and slim., My parents used to tell me off - for staying out later than they said., I take after my father in personality, - we are both ambitious and hard-working., I sometimes have to look after - my sister’s children at the weekend., Everybody gets on well - with my best friend., Most people in my country carry on - living with their parents until they get married., I think growing up - can be a very difficult process,




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