cast - A star-studded ... delivers good fun for all the family., lasting - Making that film was huge fun, and it left a ... impression., display - Meryl Streep gave a dazzling ... of her talent in "The Prom" musical., accomplished - Ryan Gosling has been an ... actor from early on., bold - What we are seeing in the "Riverdale" series is a ... experiment., spectacularly - With over 73 million views worldwide, 'The Crown" has been ... successful. , reviews - Ken Kesey's 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest' is one of America's most challenged and banned novels. However, it was given some glowing ... .., chain - The newspaper of record will not miss any item of this ... of events., bear - The movie is being shown in the local cinema these days. I want to watch it so much, I can't ... the suspense!, attention - I've just read the 'The Help', and the movie didn't hold my ... the way the book did., awakened  - Watching films about WWII ... my interest in the history of the period., well-deserved - Hollywood has had a ... reputation of a blockbuster factory. ,



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