1) We ... friends for more than 10 years. a) were b) had been c) have been 2) Where ... all this time? a) have you been  b) you were c) had you been 3) I ... you for ages ! a) don't see b) 'm not seeing c) haven't seen 4) I ... here for 2 hours . a) was waiting b) am waiting c) have been waiting 5) They ... for several hours. a) worked b) have been working c) have worked 6) He ... a new car. a) bought b) had bought c) has bought 7) She ... in England for three month. a) is living b) has lived c) lives 8) It ... here since last week. a) has not been snowing b) isn't snowing c) wasn't snowing

Present Perfect/ Present Perfect Continuous



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