I have to ____ my two cats right after I get up. Every day after school I'm ____ my younger sister, because no one else is home. I want to ____ you a funny story! When I drive to work in the morning, I usually ____ with my radio. All my favourite songs are here. A month ago I broke my brother's computer, so he had to ____ it. I felt really guilty. After dinner everyone in my family ____, because there are 7 people in my family. It's a lot of dishes to wash! Can you ____ at the bus station when I arrive? I really don't want to take a taxi. I think that a dishwasher is really useful, but I'm a bit lazy to ____it every time. In early 2020 many people had to ____ because of the virus. In my family we ____ to do housework - I vacuum on Monday, my sister does it on Wednesday, and my brother - on Friday. Do you want some pizza? I can ____ it with you! It's very important to ____ your teeth two times a day for a couple of minutes. My grandmother is really chatty, so she ____ the phone with all her grandchildren at least one time a day!



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