1) What do you hate doing when it is hot outside? 2) Do you spend too long playing computer games or watching TV? 3) Is there anything you stopped doing and want to go back to it know? 4) When did you finish writing your homework? 5) What were you doing when it started snowing? 6) Do you feel like having a cup of coffee? 7) What do you love doing at the weekends? 8) What kind of music do you enjoy listening to? 9) What is the best thing about speaking English? 10) What is the worst thing about driving a car? 11) What is the best thing about going by plane? 12) What do you dream of doing? 13) What are you interested in doing in the future? 14) What are you good at? 15) What are you looking forward to this week? 16) What makes you happy? 17) What makes you sad? 18) What makes you angry? 19) What working hard means? 20) What is cheaper than going by taxi? 21) What is faster than walking to work? 22) Is there anything you will go on doing for a very long time?




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