In twenty years' time, kids will have lost the ability to communicate and interact with people face to face because they will onlyu study virtually., In fi ft y years’ time, there will only be one school in each town where teachers will work and students will only ‘go’ to virtual school., My school is going to start teaching other subjects in English in the future., Once we have virtual classrooms we will be able to study a wider variety of subjects at school., Cyber schooling will make students lazy., Virtual schooling will increase students' chances of getting into university or finding a job in the future., By the time my children go to university, students will have been studying virtually for years., As soon as cyber schooling is introduced, schools are planning to reduce school holidays because students will be studying at home., Virtual schooling is likely to increase studenmts' copying or cheating because it will be difficult for teachers to check., Parents will be more involved in their children's education because children will be learning more at home in the future..



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