A: What do you ____?B: I’m a police ____. A:Oh yes? ____ do you work? B:At a local police ____. And you ____ do you do? A: ____ a civil ____. B: Where do you ____? A:In a local ____ office. A: I need to ask you some questions so we can complete this form.B: OK. A: Right, ____ B: David. A: And ____ B: Abbott - that's a-double b-o-double t. A: OK. I've got it. ____ B: Yes, it's Sebastian. A: OK and ____ B: Canada. I’m Canadian. A: Oh. OK. Right. ____ B: In Dublin. 25 Cook Street. A: And ____ B: It's 07791-773-119. A: And ____ B: It's david abbott at shotmail dot com. A: OK nearly finished. One more question: ____ B: 1987 October the fourth. A: OK. Great. That's everything. Thanks. ____ do you go to the office?____ you like your job? ____ do you finish work? ____ languages do you speak? ____ do you work with? ____ do you live?



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