True: He is a student. He is a good student., They aren't at home at the moment., These men are drivers., Are they at school? - No, they are not at school., Are your parents at home? - No, they aren't., My friend is an engineer. He is at work now., This is my granny. I love her very much., These are her friends. They are Mary and Mark., What is your favourite subject at school? - It is geography. , Is their sister a doctor? - Yes, she is., False: My mother am not a doctor., Are your sister a pupil? Yes, she is., This am my house., Nick is not a student. He am a pupil. He are at school now. , These am his newspapers., Mary has a brother. Her brother are 20. He are a student., Are this your book? This book am not mine. My book are in my bag. ,



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