I’m sometimes apt to believe other people, when I really shouldn’t be doing so…, I’ve never competed anybody in my entire life., I often find myself on the edge of tears at some inappropriate moment., I try to plan my day carefully and go to bed on time, so that I don’t nod off and jerk awake the next day., I’m not really good at soothing people., I’ve never felt inclined to steal other people’s ideas., I don’t believe in raw coincidence., Can you remember the last time you were snapped back from your thoughts?, I’ve never had a nervous breakdown, and I hope I won’t., The best way to deal with some bitter experience is to share it with your friends., I’ve never been sick with terror., “Out of sight, out of mind” is one of my life mottos., I never fight with fatigue…If I want to sleep, there’s literally nothing that could stop me., Sometimes you just need to say something bluntly…otherwise people won’t understand., Sometimes I sound more hostile, than I initially meant to., Some feelings really need to be restrained., Some people psych others out just for fun., I’ve never thrown tantrums., One must never hesitate while making decisions., Tossing and turning when you badly need to sleep is something downright nasty and nerve-racking..



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